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Podcast episode 1818: Clutching season

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San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

This week on the podcast we tackle the last three weeks, which saw the Dodgers struggle thanks to intermittent clutch hitting woes plus a bullpen that struggled first without then with Kenley Jansen.

The bullpen is changing, and could change some more with September additions, including the return of Julio Urias after 16 months away.

The Dodgers have consolidated much of their offense into a few high-octane games but have otherwise struggled and especially so in clutch situations, which contributed greatly to them getting passed in the standings in races for both the National League West and wild card spots.

Stolen bases have been a recent addition to the Dodgers offense, though it hasn’t translated into more runs. The home runs keep coming, but even with that there was still another power outage at Dodger Stadium. Literally.

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