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Oct. 24, 2019: MLB Daily Postseason Primer

Nationals head home with 2-0 lead

MLB: World Series-Washington Nationals at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Over 14,500 fans at Nationals Park saw their team take a 2-0 lead in the 2019 World Series. Wait, at Nationals Park?

Okay, that was a watch party that both teams have and will have at their home ballparks when their teams are on the road.

One difference is that their losses occurred at Minnesota but other than that, not great for the Astros.

Nationals at Astros - World Series (Nationals lead 2-0)

Evidently the 7-day break between games did not hurt the Nationals, they are on a pretty good roll right now.

Stephen Strasburg battled for six innings and kept the Nationals in the game.

Tied 2-2 in the 7th inning, Kurt Suzuki was the player who started the big rally with big fly.

Justin Verlander took another loss in the World Series.

It eventually became a home run party for the Nationals

With the big lead, the Nationals were able to expand the use of their bullpen in Game 2. Fernando Rodney got into the game and that meant he would join another postseason veteran with this note. Aim that arrow high in the sky!

The Nationals did something that no team had done at Houston this season.

And some final thoughts on what happens when you take a 2-0 lead in the World Series.

Wednesday’s scoreboard

Nationals 12, Astros 3