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Podcast episode 1933: MVP Cody Bellinger and the 2010s

A look at one of the greatest seasons in Dodgers history

Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Our final Cody Bellinger pace update of 2019 recounts the Dodgers versatile outfielder and first baseman extraordinaire, the first position player to win MVP for the franchise in 31 years.

We ponder where Bellinger’s season ranks in Dodgers history, plus take a look at his 2019, including separating his scorching start and chasing .400 from the bulk of his year. It’s also salary arbitration time for Bellinger, which puts him in some select recent company thanks to his MVP triumph.

Bellinger has only been in the majors for three seasons, but where does he rank among Dodgers in the now-complete 2010s?

Also this week: Hyun-jin Ryu finished second in Cy Young voting that wasn’t close at all, plus Kristopher Negrón retired, and there was the whole Astros sign stealing fiasco from 2017.

Brooklyn Dodgers’ Jackie Robinson, Sal Maglie and Gil Hodges
Sal Maglie (center) celebrates his win in Game 1 of the World Series with Jackie Robinson and Gil Hodges.
Photo by Al Pucci/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

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Dodgers rewind

This week we look back at another Dodgers second-place finisher in Cy Young Award voting. In fact, it’s the second-place finisher in the very first Cy Young Award, back when there was only one major league award. It’s Sal Maglie, who played an important part in several key moments in Brooklyn Dodgers lore even though he was only on the team for parts of two seasons.

Maglie was also the second-place finisher in NL MVP voting in 1956 as well. For both awards he lost to teammate Don Newcombe. It wasn’t the first time the two great pitchers were linked in a historical baseball moment.

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