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Jackie Robinson Training Complex to occupy Dodgers former Spring Training site in Vero Beach

MLB renames amateur development facility on former Dodgertown site to honor the Jackie Robinson legacy.

Jackie Robinson In Action
Jackie Robinson in Spring Training, 1951
Photo by Keystone/Getty Images

At a press conference held at the Vero Beach site where the Los Angeles and Brooklyn Dodgers held Spring Training from 1948 to 2008, Major League Baseball announced that the former Dodgertown facility would be renamed “Jackie Robinson Training Complex”.

The complex, which will also undergo renovation, has already been used to host youth and amateur events promoting diversity in the sport and its participants. MLB has already announced an upcoming schedule of events to continue fostering development both youth baseball and softball players.

Robinson trained with the Dodgers at Vero Beach from its 1948 debut until his retirement. His first Spring Training in 1946 was in Daytona Beach, Florida. The year of his debut in the major leagues, 1947, he and the team trained in Havana, Cuba.

The press conference included members of the Robinson family - including Rachel, his widow, daughter Sharon and son David - as well as former Dodgers owner Peter O’Malley and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred.

The Robinson Family said, “We’re thrilled that MLB will rename Dodgertown after Jack. He was devoted to young people and we’re excited to know that boys and girls will come here to advance their baseball skills while learning to be compassionate, productive, well-educated adults.”