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Julio Urías arrested on suspicion of domestic violence

The 22-year-old was arrested outside the Beverly Center on Monday night

Los Angeles Dodgers v Colorado Rockies Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Julio Urías was reportedly arrested on suspicion of domestic battery on Monday night, as reported on TMZ early Tuesday morning.

Per the TMZ report, the 22-year-old and a woman were having an altercation when he pushed her to the ground. The woman involved told police nothing physical happened. However, TMZ claims there is evidence that shows otherwise.

Sources connected to the situation tell us ... witnesses were adamant they saw Urias push the woman and video from the scene appeared to back up the witness accounts.

Urías was allegedly released on $20,000 bail on Tuesday morning. The Dodgers told TBLA they are working to respond to this situation appropriately, but are in the stages of collecting facts.

“We learned about the alleged incident this morning and are in the process of gathering information. As a result, we have no comment at this time regarding the incident. However, every allegation of domestic violence must be taken seriously and addressed promptly, and we will cooperate fully with the authorities and Major League Baseball to ensure that that happens in this case.”

According to the MLB 2017-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Commissioner can place a player on an administrative leave as early as the date of notification. The player can challenge this administrative leave.

Under the Basic Agreement, the Commissioner may immediately place a Player accused of a Covered Act on Administrative Leave, effective as early as the date of the Notification, and may keep the Player on Administrative Leave for up to seven (7) days, including the date of Notification, subject to the Player’s right to challenge that decision set forth below. —Attachment 52

MLB does not need a conviction to suspend a player for domestic violence. As of now, MLB has not disciplined Urías.

Update: According to the Los Angeles Times, MLB has placed Julio Urías on a seven-day administrative leave while the league investigates.