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TBLA Thursday morning links: May 15, 2019

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Some fresh links to kick off your morning.

San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Dodgers news...

The boys in blue completed a two-game sweep of the San Diego Padres. You can read the game recap here.

Dodgers right-handed pitcher Kenta Maeda struck out twelve batters on Wednesday night. Marvelous.

Alex Verdugo’s 23rd birthday was on May 15 and Dodgers fans sang to him during the game to celebrate.

NCT, a Korean pop group, visited Dodger Stadium on Wednesday and they surprised one of their fans with a meeting, thanks to a Twitter contest.

Around the league...

The MLB is implementing a new technology to improve their ball and player tracking. ESPN’s Jeff Passan has more.

Track the kinematics, or movement patterns, of every player on the field, including pitchers, whose injuries could potentially be mitigated? Perhaps. Give greater insight into the path that bats take during swings and allow hitters superior control? Certainly.

Lead to robot-ump revolution? Probably not.

Tom Verducci wrote an article for Sports Illustrated about the changing game of baseball.

Baseball likes to cling to the notion that the game is timeless, that a time-traveling fan would instantly recognize the game of any era as familiar. The modern game is blowing up that quaint belief. Baseball today hardly resembles what it did even five years ago.

To go along with that, Emma Baccellieri expands on the increasing rate of strikeouts in the MLB.

The 17.5% K-rate was not dramatically higher than the previous record from 2001. But it was the start of something big. Baseball broke this record again in 2009—and 2010, and 2011, and every year since, with no signs of stopping. It’s looked like an unrelenting march across the Land of Balls in Play to the Sea of Three True Outcomes.

Aaaaaand the daily dingers.