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TBLA Thursday morning links: May 23, 2019

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No Dodgers today

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Dodgers news...

Hear what Dave Roberts had to say following Wednesday’s loss.

Dylan Floro had without a doubt the worst outing of his season. For the first time all year, he allowed multiple runs in an outing, and took home his first loss of the season.

Rich Hill and his thoughts on the shift. There’s a video on Twitter of how he TRULY feels about it, but it’s NSFW. If you want to watch it and hear him drop lots of ‘F-bombs’, just go search for it on Twitter and you’ll find it.

Around the league...

Get this. The Angels game out postponed due to weather ... they had a home game.

Gleyber Torres did something we haven’t seen in over 60 years.

There was a triple play.

For all you quirky stat people out there.