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Player of the series: Clayton Kershaw

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He takes home honors after another quality start

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It was a short two-game series in St. Petersburg this week, and the Dodgers were able to split the series. The offense came ready to play on Tuesday, with Wednesday being a different story. Though the offense wasn’t consistent, the starting pitching was. LA got quality starts from both of their starters, but the edge will have to go to Clayton Kershaw.

He went 6 13 innings, allowing two runs. It should be noted, the runners that scored were on base when he left the game, so he could’ve potentially escaped this outing with no earned runs. His eight strikeouts on the night tied a season-high, and he walked only one.

Kershaw was in command all night, and the Rays weren’t able to get anything going off him, until the seventh inning. All his pitches were looking good, especially his curveball.

With this win, it now makes 19 (!!!) consecutive starts made by Kershaw that the Dodgers have won. He’s 10-0, and has nine no-decisions during that stretch that dates back to June 27 of last season. His streak of 19 is currently the longest in the majors.