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NL West Standings after eight weeks

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Well, this is getting redundant.

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After another full week of baseball, the Dodgers are still No. 1 in the division. On this date last year, the Dodgers were in fourth place in the NL West.

The Padres just passed up the Diamondbacks for the second place spot, slowly making their way as real competition for the Dodgers. But even then, the Dodgers are six games ahead of the Friars.

NL West Standings

NL West W L Pct. GB Home Away L10
NL West W L Pct. GB Home Away L10
Los Angeles Dodgers 32 18 0.640 19-6 13-12 7-3
San Diego Padres 26 24 0.520 6.0 14-14 12-10 4-6
Arizona Diamondbacks 25 25 0.500 7.0 11-13 14-12 3-7
Colorado Rockies 22 26 0.458 9.0 9-11 13-15 4-6
San Francisco Giants 21 28 0.429 10.5 10-15 11-13 5-5
Last updated on May 23, 2019

This week in the NL West

  • The Dodgers head to Pittsburgh to face the Pirates in three games before returning home to play the Mets in a four-game set.
  • The Padres are on the east coast to play the Blue Jays and the Yankees, each for three games.
  • The Diamondbacks are seeing some division action, playing the Giants in a three-game set before heading to Denver to face the Rockies for four games.
  • Before the Rockies go head-to-head against the Diamondbacks, they see some inter-league play against the Orioles at Coors Field.
  • The Giants will end their homestand with a three-game series against the D-Backs before heading to Miami to face the Marlins.