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TBLA Saturday morning links: May 25, 2019

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Cheers to the weekend! And to baseball!

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Dodgers news...

The Dodgers defeated the Pirates in the series opener in Pittsburgh. You can read the TBLA game recap here.

Dodgers second baseman Kiké Hernandez hasn’t seen much success recently. Jorge Castillo of the LA Times has more.

Alex Verdugo joined MLB Network’s Intentional Talk! Check out the video:

Around the league...

Wrigley Field got some renovations done! But there are some things that will just never change.

And though the project began with large scale repair to the steel and crumbling concrete infrastructure, the poles that hold the roof and decks in place are very much still in evidence – just like they were when the old yard opened in 1914.

Poles, of course, mean numerous obstructed seats.

Christian Yelich, the reigning NL MVP, is the first player in the major leagues to reach 20 home runs this season.

Bleacher Report takes a look at the top 20 most valuable trade candidates and makes predictions to what teams they could be traded to, as well as for who.

Rockies shortstop Trevor Story hit his 100th and 101st career home runs on Friday night in his 448th game.

An old friend Matt Kemp signed with the Mets in a minor league deal on Friday.

Not necessarily a link, but an interesting tidbit: