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Joc Pederson is the top performer versus the Pirates

Many other Dodgers were considered

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Joc Pederson had himself a series. In each of the three games against the Pirates, Pederson landed two hits. Additionally, he snagged an extra base hit in every game in the series, including a double, triple and home run.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Pederson drove in more runs than any other Dodgers player in the series, with a total of five. Several other Dodgers came close to this, including Cody Bellinger, David Freese (grand slam in game one) and Matt Beaty with four a piece.

In the series, Pederson was the most productive Dodger in the series, going 6-for-11 without a strikeout.

6 H 11 AB .545 BA 3 R 1 HR 1 3B 2 BB 0 K

However, it should be noted that Pederson did not run after he hit a fair fly ball out of frustration. He gets a ding for this one.

This is the third time Pederson is the series top performer, just behind Cody Bellinger who has taken five.