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Will Smith gets back-to-back starts

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This opens up Russell Martin to catch for Hyun-Jin Ryu on Thursday

MLB: New York Mets at Los Angeles Dodgers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Will Smith, who made his MLB debut on Tuesday, is in the lineup for the second day in a row. The 24-year-old catcher will bat eighth in the lineup and will serve as the backstop for the also-24-year-old pitcher Walker Buehler.

In his major league debut, he caught for veteran pitcher Rich Hill while going 2-for-4 in the batter’s box. He smacked a base hit in his first MLB at-bat and knocked a double for hit No. 2. In his other two appearances, he flied out and grounded into a double play.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was pleased with how he carried himself at the plate.

“He was taking some tough pitches,” Roberts said. “You would never have guessed watching him tonight was his first major league game.”

Highlighting his debut was his very popular walk-up song, which is ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’.

Smith will not likely see three starts in a row, with Dave Roberts telling SportsNet LA he wants to keep the Russell Martin/Hyun-Jin Ryu pair working.