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Celebrate Max Muncy’s McCovey Cove home run with this new shirt

Yes — the one that landed in the San Francisco Bay

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In case you missed it, Max Muncy hit a monster home run on Sunday, hitting it out of Oracle Park and straight into McCovey Cove.

Madison Bumgarner, the pitcher who gave up the home run, was not too pleased with the fact that Muncy looked at his home run for a split second. He lost his cool and proceeded to go off.

After the game, Muncy gave some insight on what was said in the argument between the two.

“I hit the ball and then he yelled at me,” Muncy said. “[Bumgarner] said, ‘Don’t watch the ball, you run.’ I just responded back, ‘If you don’t want me to watch the ball, you can go get it out of the ocean.’”

To honor the clap back of the year, BreakingT broke out the presses to create this epic shirt. They are available in both adult and youth sizes.

It is officially licensed by the MLB Players Association and is available in a variety of sizes! The shirts are soft and very comfortable.

Click here to buy the “Go get it out of the ocean” shirt today!