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Podcast episode 1915: Reviewing the Dodgers’ draft

We are lucky to have David Hood as our guest this week on the podcast to dissect the Dodgers draft, find out its strengths and weaknesses, and assess where some of these new additions might end up by this time next summer.

On the major league side we also look at the ramifications of Corey Seager‘s left hamstring injury, which is basically riding Chris Taylor as long as possible and hope he improves on some horrific offensive numbers so far in 2019.

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Dodgers rewind

This week we look back at the top position player ever drafted by the Dodgers, by Wins Above Replacement. Ron Cey totaled 44.7 WAR with the Dodgers, hitting .264/.359/.445, a 125 OPS+ in 12 seasons with the club. Cey played in 93.6% of games in his 10 full seasons with the Dodgers (1973-82), and retired as the Los Angeles-era franchise leader in home runs (228), since passed by Eric Karros (270).

He also has one of the great nicknames in Dodgers history: The Penguin.

Cey was drafted in the third round in 1968, the same year that also netted the Dodgers’ second and third-best drafted position players by WAR. Steve Garvey (36.7 WAR with Dodgers) was picked in the first round of the June secondary phase draft, and Davey Lopes (32.2 WAR) was drafted in the second round of the January secondary phase.

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