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Commemorate the walk-off weekend with this BreakingT shirt!

These rookies did something really special

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Three Dodgers rookies did something that has never done in baseball history. Back-to-back-to-back walk-off home runs from three different rookies. The weekend was unreal and it showed off what the Dodgers homegrown talent is capable of.

Matt Beaty kicked off the party on Friday night with his two-out home run, giving the Dodgers their first of three victories over the Rockies. Alex Verdugo followed on Saturday night, with his extra innings walk-off home run.

It was crazy enough this happened twice in a row. But three times? Unreal.

Will Smith was called up on Sunday afternoon, giving fans hope. Then it really happened. Smith hit a pinch-hit two-out home run to complete the sweep.

So after a weekend like that, BreakingT saw it necessary to create a shirt about it. And we’re totally on board.

Walk-off Weekend!

Here’s a closer look at the new design from BreakingT.


You can order your new BreakingT shirt right here!

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