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Dodgers top 5 moments through season’s midpoint

81 games flew right by

Colorado Rockies v Los Angeles Dodgers
The Dodgers had 55 wins through the first 81 games.
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Dodgers have the best record in Major League Baseball as they move into the second half of play. It’s a long 162-game season, so we’ve decided to give you the top five best moments from the first 81 games. There are 55 amazing memories to chose from, so this wasn’t an easy task.

Even though the Dodgers are through 82 games now, there’s not a top moment that can be extracted from Wednesday’s contest, so let’s pretend that never happened. At least for the purpose of this post.

So without further ado, here are the top five moments from the first 81 games of the season.

Eight home runs on Opening Day

The Dodgers put on an Opening Day firework show as they smashed eight home runs against the division rival Diamondbacks. It tied the club record for home runs hit in a game, set on Shawn Green’s four HR game. It also set a major league record for most home runs hit on Opening Day. What a way to kick off the season.

Three-straight walk-off rookie home runs

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of talking about this one. A Dodgers rookie hit a walk-off home run not one, not two, but THREE GAMES IN A ROW. It’s never been done in Dodgers history and they did that! As I’ve said before, this really shows what these home grown players can do. It’s been coined the “walk-off weekend.” Perfect.

Buehler’s 16 strikeout complete game

One of the most dominating pitching performances by a Dodgers pitcher this season, if not the most dominating. Walker Buehler issued 16 strikeouts and no walks in his first career complete game. He was the first Dodger to strikeout 16 since Hideo Nomo did so in 1996 against the Florida Marlins and the first to whiff that many with no walks. It was a truly remarkable outing. You can read more about it here.

Dodgers 5-run comeback vs. Mets

This one was fun to watch. If you changed the channel or went to bed before the ninth inning began, I’m so sorry. The Dodgers were down by five runs heading into their final three outs and they were able to make the incredible comeback. The comeback included back-to-back home runs, a pair of doubles, an intentional walk, a base hit. The Alex Verdugo sac fly brought in the final run. This is why you never leave a baseball game early!

Ryu’s complete game

It’s hard to forget how dominant Hyun-Jin Ryu is this season. One of his best outings so far is May 7 against the Braves. He tossed a complete game shutout in 93 pitches. Talk about the new Greg Maddux.

Box score

Honorable mentions

I couldn’t finish this post without getting these next two mentioned. I’m including them as honorable mentions because top 7 moments doesn’t sound as appealing.

Walk-off on Jackie Robinson Day

The walk-off home runs don’t end with the three rookies. Will Smith hit a walk-off home run and Joc Pederson hit one on Jackie Robinson Day. It’s always a special when the Dodgers win on April 15. Even better when it’s a walk-off.

Max Muncy tells MadBum to “go get it out of the ocean”

Last but definitely not least, the quote of the year. When Madison Bumgarner decided Max Muncy was going to be the next target of his wrath when he looked at his home run ball for a second too long. The argument between the two players wasn’t clear. That is, until Muncy told SportsNet LA what went down. While rounding the bases, Muncy told MadBum he could go get the ball from the ocean if he didn’t want to watch him look at it.

Who cares if it’s technically a bay. Max Muncy totally owned him.

Oh, and BreakingT made a shirt with this iconic quote. Epic.

Please share your personal favorite moments down in the comment section!