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Player of the series: Corey Seager

Seager collects seven hits over the weekend

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers scored nine runs against the Giants this weekend and in two of those games, they scored one run in each of those games. But yet, the Dodgers were able to take two of three to continue their winning ways.

So while there wasn’t a lot of offense in this past series, Corey Seager was able to extend his hitting streak to seven games and he went 7-for-12 with two doubles and four runs driven in against the Giants.

Seager has begun June strongly, hitting .406/.441/.647 in 34 plate appearances this month. And since the Dodgers played Pittsburgh on May 24th, Seager is hitting .364/.440/.697 in his last 75 plate appearances.

Seager’s starring game against the Giants was on Saturday when he went 4-for-4 with two doubles and four runs driven in. The four hits match Seager’s career high. He has done that seven times, the last time was on April 18, 2018.

While the Dodgers have ridden on Cody Bellinger’s long and strong coattails this season, Seager’s continued good work can be seen as great news for the team.

Seager was a 5.9 bWAR player in 2016 and he followed that with a 5.7 bWAR season in 2017. So far he has collected 2.0 bWAR in 2019. A return to his first two full seasons form would aid the Dodgers greatly in their quest to win the World Series this season.