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Grading the Dodgers All-Star red carpet outfits

Some All-Star break fun

MLB: All Star-Red Carpet Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball players don’t get many opportunities to walk the red carpet, so they take the All-Star Red Carpet Show as an opportunity to show off their sense of style. They get decked out in designer clothing and strut around like the celebrities they are.

I will be ranking each player’s Red Carpet Show outfit on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), based solely on my opinion. The Dodgers players didn’t do anything wild with their clothing choices like Mookie Betts, Pete Alonso or Francisco Lindor. The boys in blue kept it simple yet stylish.

Please remember this is all in good fun! But don’t worry, I won’t be as savage as Joan Rivers. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Walker Buehler

Score: 4

I’m not sure if it was the color of his suit or the red backdrop, but Buehler’s eyes don’t look as blue as usual. Either way, the suit makes him look like he’s about to attend a baseball game in the 1940s.

His Gucci loafers, however, are very nice and match perfectly with the rest of his outfit. I dig the no socks look with the loafers (is there any other way to wear them?), making his style look more modern. He seems to like these kicks since it’s his second time wearing this style at a red carpet event this year.

Overall, he and McKenzie looked great together, but the pattern on his suit is a bit aged and seems too formal to wear to a summer afternoon event.

Cody Bellinger

Score: 9

In a much more casual look, Cody Bellinger brought one of the best outfits to the red carpet. His white shirt is almost blinding and contrasts well with his navy blue blazer. Bellinger isn’t afraid to show those ankles either, allowing his Givenchy shoes to have their moment.

The only player to pull off a better red carpet look was Christian Yelich, who sported nearly the same outfit as Bellinger, but styled it with a black chain, blue handkerchief and had straight fit slacks.

He gets a point deducted because of the extreme level of skinny his pants are. It’s almost yoga pants level and you can even see his phone through his pocket.

Clayton Kershaw

Score: 6

I’m getting major dad vibes here. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing because, well, he is a dad. He just played his outfit really safe. I was expecting big things from Mr. Kershaw after he wore a sparkly blazer to the Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala. Sure, a sparkly black blazer is much more of a nighttime look, Kershaw sure could have experimented a little.

The blue shirt he’s wearing is lovely and give his outfit some more life. Overall, he looks very dapper, but the style is pretty basic for an All-Star.

I should also note that Kershaw brought a backpack with him to the red carpet. It’s not pictured, but you can find a photo here.

Max Muncy

Score: 6.5

I’m not sure if Max Muncy didn’t get his picture taken, but there’s no full outfit image to be found of Muncy at the Red Carpet Show. There is, however, a video of him walking the carpet that I’ve attached above.

After examining the video closely, it appears Muncy is wearing the same suit and shoes as the Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala. Props to the guy for being resourceful and using a different plaid shirt to change things up ... though not a huge change.

His sunglasses boots his score, making him look like the stud he is.

Hyun-Jin Ryu

Score: 9

What a cool guy! Ryu is killing the game with his bright blue suit. Like Bellinger, his white shirt and shoes really make the entire outfit look fresh. The double pocket thing he has going on is something I’ve never seen before, but he makes it look great.

Can’t forget about the sunglasses hanging from his necklace. Iconic.

He and his wife are perfectly dressed for this occasion. Clean, simple, elegant. I love this.

Dave Roberts

Score: 10

Dave Roberts’ Red Carpet Show look is a huge step up from his Blue Diamond Gala outfit. And Doc is wearing jeans. Jeans!

I’m not sure how common it is for jeans to come up on a red carpet, but if I were to guess, it’s probably very rare. But I’m not mad at this. Roberts really knows how to pull it off by dressing them up. First of all, his blazer? Amazing. I’m giving this outfit a 10 for the blazer alone. His shoes and tucked in white shirt pull the outfit together, giving him a complete red carpet ready feel.


Which Dodgers All-Star was best dressed for the red carpet?

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    Walker Buehler
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    Cody Bellinger
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  • 6%
    Clayton Kershaw
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  • 3%
    Max Muncy
    (5 votes)
  • 44%
    Hyun-Jin Ryu
    (74 votes)
  • 9%
    Dave Roberts
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