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3 things to be most excited about for Dodger Stadium renovations

Exciting things coming in 2020!

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Los Angeles Dodgers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday the Dodgers unveiled their plans for $100 million worth of renovations before the start of the 2020 season. There was a lot to take in, and a lot of changes and additions that will be coming to the stadium. Although it’s tough to break them down, here are the three things coming to the stadium to be most excited about.

The brand new entrance

Unlike most stadiums, Dodger Stadium doesn’t really have a “main entrance”. That’s going to change. The new centerfield plaza will be the official “front door” to Dodger Stadium. There are going to be two acres that will serve as a brand new entertainment plaza. This new area will offer unique food locations, entertainment and kids areas, retail locations, as well as social and standing room areas.

A new kids play area will be constructed just beyond the wall in straight-away center field, and fans will be able to enjoy the game from on top of a newly-constructed batters eye wall. The new center field plaza will also be the home to two statues. One being the Jackie Robinson already at the reserve level that will be moved, the other being a brand new Sandy Koufax statue as well. On top of that, the plaques for the Legends of Dodgers Baseball will be located there as well.

LA Times

Left and right field pavilions

Renovations to the Left and Right Field Pavilions will include new restrooms, brand new bars with views into the bullpen, standing room areas at the top of each pavilion, enhanced ADA seating and “home run seats” just beyond the outfield wall. The “home run seats” will be added to where there is currently vacant space. According to the Dodgers, the seating capacity will remain the same.

LA Times

360-degree bridges and elevators

Elevators are currently under construction in the Right and Left Field Plazas to help move fans easily to and from the new center field plaza. The bridges will be able to connect the new standing room area pavilions to the other sections of the stadium, creating a 360-degree connection around the park, allowing fans to come and go across anywhere in the stadium for the first time in the stadium;s history. The new elevators and bridges will also provide easier access to the Dodger Stadium Express stop in Lot G through the center field plaza.