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Celebrate Will Smith’s clutch grand slam with this new shirt

BreakingT makes the most epic T-shirts


You can’t deny how unbelievably clutch Will Smith has been in his 14 games with the Dodgers. He always finds himself in the batter’s box during high-stakes situations and, more often than not, delivers in a big way.

The young star already has six home runs — four of them go-ahead homers — and 19 RBIs. Dinger No. 6 came at the perfect time. The Dodgers were down by one run against the Padres, the bases were loaded, the crowd was wild, then BOOM, grand slam.

It seems like this story is straight out of Hollywood. So of course, SportsNetLA announcer Joe Davis had the perfect call.

Given Will Smith has the same name as the iconic Hollywood actor, “I Am Legend” served a double purpose, since Smith is basically a legend now and it’s also the name of one of Will Smith’s movies.

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What better way to commemorate this moment than with a T-shirt? BreakingT, like Smith, always comes in clutch with the best of the best. Here’s a close look at the shirt.

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It’s already the second T-shirt he’s on, and it’s only been 14 games! Talk about an amazing start.