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How many 250-game winners have faced Dodgers in the last ten years

CC Sabathia joins small list of 250+ game winners to pitch against the Dodgers since 2008

American League Division Series Game 1 - New York Yankees v. Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Tringali/MLB via Getty Images

The Dodgers will send their rookie right-handed pitcher Tony Gonsolin to the mound to start today against the Yankees. Gonsolin has pitched professionally since 2016, he has pitched in exactly 100 minor league games and today will be his fifth career major league appearance and his fourth start. Gonsolin collected his first career win in a start against the Cardinals earlier this month.

The Yankees will have their veteran left-handed pitcher CC Sabathia making the start for their team. Sabathia is the active major league leader wins, innings pitched and strikeouts.

Sabathia also won his 250th game earlier this season so when he starts today against the Dodgers, he will be the second 250+ wins pitcher to make a start against the Dodgers since 2013.

Since 2008, there have been five pitchers to start against the Dodgers who had 250+ career wins.

250+ wins pitchers last start against Dodgers

Pitcher Team Total Wins at time of start Date
Pitcher Team Total Wins at time of start Date
CC Sabathia Yankees 251 8/24/2019
Andy Pettitte Yankees 252 7/30/2013
Jamie Moyer Rockies 268 5/11/2012
Randy Johnson Giants 295 4/13/2009
Greg Maddux Padres 350 6/10/2008
Since 2008
  • Andy Pettitte and today, Sabathia, made one regular season start against the Dodgers with 250+ wins
  • Jamie Moyer made two starts against the Dodgers after recording his 250th career win, besides the one listed above, he started on 6/5/2009 for the Phillies against the Dodgers. He had won his 250th game in the start just proceeding that one
  • Randy Johnson made three starts, including the one above, after recording his 250th win in 2005
  • Greg Maddox made multiple starts against the Dodgers after recording his 250th win in 2001

Dodgers on track to break one-year old record total attendance

Last night, the Dodgers reported 53,775 tickets sold for their first game against the Yankees. It was their 23rd sellout this season and their current total is 3,314,006. They are averaging 48,735 tickets sold per game.

And even though the Dodgers are pretty likely only to need 81 home games this season, they are on track to top their franchise record of 3,857,500 that the Dodgers reported for 2018. That figure included game 163, their NL West Playoff game against the Rockies.

At their current pace, the Dodgers will have a new season record of 3,947,535. If that happens, it will be the third highest total in National League history, only behind the Rockies incredible 1993 total of 4,483,350 and the Mets final season at Shea Stadium in 2008 when they drew 4,042,045.