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Sept. 19, 2019: Daily Postseason Update

A daily look at the contenders for the 2019 World Series title

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Oakland Athletics Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There were eight one-run games on Wednesday featuring contenders for the 2019 postseason. The Athletics finally broke a 0-0 tie with a walk-off hit to win 1-0 on Wednesday afternoon.

Any Clinchmas today?

The New York Yankees can become the first American League team to clinch their division with a win over the Angels. No other division can be clinched until Friday.


Once some more teams are eliminated, we will begin to look at the possible tiebreakers, until then, here are some general notes

  • The only division race where there can be a realistic chance at two or more teams being tied for first is the National League Central
  • Both of the wild-card races have possible ties for either both or the second wild-card positions
  • Any combination of four Dodger wins and Braves losses will give the Dodgers home-field advantage throughout the NL playoffs; any combination of two Braves wins and Cardinals losses will clinch the second home field position in the NL playoffs
  • The Dodgers effectively trail the Astros by three games and the Yankees by two games in their attempt to gain home field advantage if they meet in the World Series

National League Division Races

NL West - Dodgers clinched the division on Tuesday, Sept. 10th

NL Central - Cardinals have a three-games lead over both the Cubs (9) and Brewers (9), starting today the Cardinals and Cubs will play seven of their ten games against each other

NL East - Braves have a 9 games lead over the Nationals (2)

American League Division Races

AL West - Astros lead second-place Athletics (2) by 8 games

AL Central - Twins have a 4 games lead over the Indians (7)

AL East - Yankees have a 9 games lead over the Rays (1)

National League Wild-Card Race

  • Nationals have the first wild-card position and have a 1½ game lead over both the Cubs and Brewers
  • The Phillies (9) and Mets (8) each trail by 3 games and the Diamondbacks (6) are 4½ games back
  • The Giants (3) are 8 games back

American League Wild-Card Race

  • Athletics are in the first wild-card position and have a two-game lead over the Rays
  • Rays have a half-game lead over the Indians (10)
  • The Red Sox (1) could be eliminated today from the 2019 posteason

Wednesday’s scoreboard

Rays 8, Dodgers 7 (11)

Angels 3, Yankees 2

Giants 11, Red Sox 3

Indians 2, Tigers 1 (10)

Phillies 4, Braves 1

White Sox 3, Twins 1

Padres 2, Brewers 1

Cardinals 5, Nationals 1

Reds 3, Cubs 2 (10)

Astros 3, Rangers 2

Mets 7, Rockies 4

Diamondbacks 5, Marlins 4

Athletics 1, Royals 0 (11)

Thursday schedule

9:10 am PT - Phillies @ Braves

10:05 am - Giants @ Red Sox

1:10 pm - Padres @ Brewers

3:35 pm - Angels @ Yankees

4:15 pm - Cardinals @ Cubs

4:15 pm - Tigers @ Indians

4:40 pm - White Sox @ Twins