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Sept. 27, 2019: Daily Postseason Update

Dodgers continue chase for MLB’s best record

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Brewers climbed to within a game of the Cardinals which means the NL Central cannot be settled until Saturday at the earliest. And the AL wild-card race is getting closer to a resolution.

Any possible postseason clinching?

The Athletics can clinch a wild card berth with a win or an Indians loss on Friday. The Rays can also clinch a wild card berth but they will need both a win and an Indians loss to spray champagne on Friday.

Tiebreaker and home-field advantage status

The Cardinals can win the division without any help though it appears that the Joe Maddon does not care that they are battling with the Brewers.

Meanwhile the Astros need just a win or the Yankees to lose a game to clinch home field advantage throughout the AL playoffs.

The Astros need a combination of two wins or Dodger losses to clinch home field against Los Angeles if they meet in the World Series.

The Dodgers have clinched home field advantage for the NLDS and if they advance, the NLCS. The Dodgers lead the Yankees by a game and they need to keep that lead over the final three games to have home field advantage over the New York if they meet in the World Series.

National League Division Races

NL West - Dodgers clinched the division on Tuesday September 10th.

NL Central - Cardinals have a one game lead over the Brewers (3)

NL East - Braves clinched the division on Friday September 20th

American League Division Races

AL West - Astros clinched the division on Sunday September 22nd.

AL Central - Twins clinched the division on Wednesday September 25th.

AL East - Yankees clinched the division on Thursday September 19th.

National League Wild-Card Race

  • Nationals clinched a wild-card berth on Tuesday September 24th they lead the Brewers by one game.
  • Brewers clinched a postseason berth on Wednesday September 25th.

American League Wild-Card Race

  • Athletics are in the first wild-card position and they have a one-game lead over the Rays
  • The Rays have a 2 games lead over the Indians (2)

Thursday’s scoreboard

Nationals 6, Phillies 3

Brewers 5, Reds 3

Twins 10, Tigers 4

White Sox 8, Indians 0

Athletics 3, Mariners 1

Angels 4, Astros 3 (12)

Dodgers 1, Padres 0

Friday’s schedule

4:05 pm PT: Indians @ Nationals

4:07 pm: Rays @ Blue Jays

5:05 pm: Yankees @ Rangers

5:10 pm: Brewers @ Rockies

5:15 pm: Cubs @ Cardinals

7:07 pm: Astros @ Angels

7:10 pm: Athletics @ Mariners

7:15 pm: Dodgers @ Giants