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Sept. 28, 2019: Daily Postseason Update

A’s and Rays both clinch their wild-card berths on Friday

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Athletics and the Rays both clinched their wild-card berths on Friday. The A’s knew they had clinched before their game at Seattle because the Indians were beaten by the Nationals.

And with the Rays winning their game, that sewed up the AL wild-card berths.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Any possible postseason clinching?

The Cardinals and the Brewers both lost on Friday. So if the Cardinals win and the Brewers lose today, the Cardinals will take the NL Central division. If anything else happens today, the NL Central race won’t end until on Sunday at the earliest.

Tiebreaker and home-field advantage status

The Astros clinched best record in the AL and they need just a win or Dodger loss to clinch home field advantage through the World Series.

The Dodgers remain a game ahead of the Yankees, they need to maintain that to have home field advantage over the Yankees should they meet in the World Series.

All of the Divisional Series Game 1 hosts have been settled, the Astros will host the winner of the Wild-Card game and the Yankees will host the Twins. The Dodgers will host the winner of the Wild-Card game while the Braves will host the winner of NL Central.

The Nationals moved closer to hosting the NL Wild-Card game with their win on Friday.

The Athletics and the Rays are tied, the Rays will have to finish with a better record than the Athletics in order to host the AL Wild-Card game, the Athletics hold the tiebreaker over the Rays.

National League Division Races

NL West - Dodgers clinched the division on Tuesday September 10th.

NL Central - Cardinals have a one game lead over the Brewers (2)

NL East - Braves clinched the division on Friday September 20th

American League Division Races

AL West - Astros clinched the division on Sunday September 22nd.

AL Central - Twins clinched the division on Wednesday September 25th.

AL East - Yankees clinched the division on Thursday September 19th.

National League Wild-Card Race

  • Nationals clinched a wild-card berth on Tuesday September 24th they lead the Brewers by two games.
  • Brewers clinched a postseason berth on Wednesday September 25th.

American League Wild-Card Race

  • Athletics and the Rays both clinched wild-card berths on Friday September 27th.
  • The Athletics and Rays are tied and if they finish with the same record, the AL Wild-Card game would take place in Oakland.
  • The Indians were eliminated on Friday September 27th.

Friday’s scoreboard

Nationals 8, Indians 2

Rays 6, Blue Jays 2

Yankees 14, Rangers 7

Rockies 11, Brewers 7

Cubs 8, Cardinals 2

Mariners 4, Athletics 3

Astros 4, Angels 0

Dodgers 9, Giants 2

Saturday’s schedule

12:07 pm PT: Rays @ Blue Jays

1:05 pm: Indians @ Nationals

1:05 pm: Dodgers @ Giants

4:15 pm: Cubs @ Cardinals

5:05 pm: Yankees @ Rangers

5:10 pm: Brewers @ Rockies

6:07 pm: Astros @ Angels

6:10 pm: Athletics @ Mariners