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Sept. 30, 2019: Daily Postseason Update

Cardinals finally clinch NL Central as regular season ends

MLB: Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It was a rather anti-climatic Sunday unless you are a St. Louis Cardinals fan because that game became non-interesting to those looking for Monday baseball rather quickly.

The Cardinals scored two runs in both the first and second innings and then put four runs on the board in the third inning to effectively end the NL Central race.

The Brewers began resting players in their game against the Rockies once the Cardinals and Jack Flaherty put the Cubs away. How much the prior to the game announcement that Joe Maddon would not be the Cubs manager in 2020 affected the players is something we just don’t know.

However, having to use Jack Flaherty in the clinching game did mean the soonest he could pitch in the Divisional Series was the second game on Friday. So, this past week’s hiccup by the Cardinals did cost them that as they enter the playoffs.

This is the final daily postseason update, we will begin a new daily playoff primer article for this slot tomorrow.

National League Division Races

NL West - Dodgers clinched the division on Tuesday September 10th.

NL Central - Cardinals clinched the division on Sunday September 29th

NL East - Braves clinched the division on Friday September 20th

American League Division Races

AL West - Astros clinched the division on Sunday September 22nd.

AL Central - Twins clinched the division on Wednesday September 25th.

AL East - Yankees clinched the division on Thursday September 19th.

National League Wild-Card Race

  • Nationals clinched a wild-card berth on Tuesday September 24th.
  • Brewers became the second wild-card team when the Cardinals defeated the Cubs on Sunday September 29th.
  • The Nationals will host the Brewers in the NL Wild-Card Game on Tuesday October 1st.

American League Wild-Card Race

  • Athletics and the Rays both clinched wild-card berths on Friday September 27th.
  • The Athletics will host the AL Wild-Card Game on Wednesday October 2nd.

Sunday’s scoreboard

Rockies 4, Brewers 3 (13)

Cardinals 9, Cubs 0

Monday’s schedule

Boo, no Extra-Monday baseball this year