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A look at Dodgers postseason history, especially Game 1

Dodgers are 14-6 in postseason series after winning the opener.

Division Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v San Diego Padres - Game Three Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The 2020 NLCS is the Dodgers’ 50th postseason series of the modern era (1901-present), and the ...

In their 27 previous best-of-seven series, the Dodgers have only won Game 1 eight times. In those eight series, the Dodgers only won three (1963 World Series, 1988 World Series, 2017 NLCS). In the 19 best-of-seven series in which they lost the opener, the Dodgers won six series. So it’s not exactly how the first game goes, so go the Dodgers, at least for longer series.

In this current run of eight consecutive National League West titles, the Dodgers have played 15 series, including all lengths. When that group won Game 1, they are 7-2 in winning the series (dropping the 2017 World Series and 2019 NLDS). When they lose Game 1, they are 1-5 in the series.

Here are the Dodgers’ postseason numbers in all series:

  • Overall series record: 22-27
  • When winning Game 1: 14-6
  • When losing Game 1: 8-21

Maybe Game 1 is important after all.