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The state of the Dodgers bullpen entering Game 5

All hands on deck

League Championship - Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves - Game Four Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Well, the Dodgers trail the NLCS 3-1 now. In order to advance to the World Series and avoid elimination, the Dodgers will need to win three consecutive games. Of course, they can do that. They won three games in a row many times this season, but their backs weren’t up against the wall like this.

With three games left, needing to win all three, the Dodgers will need to get everything they possibly can out of their pitching staff. Clayton Kershaw pitched on Thursday, but who knows if we could potentially see him in a Game 7. With the exception of him, I think it’s safe to assume we could see potentially every pitcher should the Dodgers push it three more games.

Dustin May officially will start tonight in Game 5, so hopefully he’s able to eat as many innings as possible.

Here is the state of each arm that will be available to pitch:

Pedro Báez

He’s appeared in two games this series, with his most recent outing being in Game 3. Baez has thrown 1⅓ innings and has thrown 34 total pitches. He’s allowed one run, walked two and struck out two.

Walker Buehler

We haven’t seen Buehler since his Game 1 start, and likely won’t see him until Game 6 (unless Dave gets really weird tonight). He went five innings and threw 100 pitches on Monday.

Dylan Floro

Floro will likely be unavailable tonight and potentially tomorrow after throwing 35 pitches in Game 4.

Tony Gonsolin

Gonsolin saw his first postseason action as he started Game 2. He went 4⅓ innings and threw 88 pitches. You’d figure he’d be in line to start Game 7, should the series make it that far. However, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see him come out of the bullpen on Game 6 if needed.

Brusdar Graterol

Graterol made only 15 pitches last night, but it was enough to allow three runs to score. He briefly pitched in Game 1, throwing only six pitches, so his arm should be pretty fresh.

Kenley Jansen

The last time we saw Jansen pitch was in the sixth (!!) inning of Game 3. So far that has been his only outing of the series so far, so he’ll be good to go when needed.

Joe Kelly

He might be the freshest arm for the Dodgers, as he’s appeared in only two-thirds of an inning so far this postseason. Kelly made four pitches in Game 2 of this series. Expect to see him used.

Dustin May

“We’ll see the length and how he’s throwing,” Dave Roberts said about May for Game 5. “He knew about [getting the start] yesterday. I know he’s going to be fired up.” Hopefully May is able to eat innings and preserve the bullpen as much as possible.

Blake Treinen

Treinen has appeared in the most games this postseason, coming out of the bullpen five times. He’s thrown a total of 69 pitches in only 3⅔ innings of work. His only outing of this series came back in Game 1, when he allowed three runs in one-third of an inning.

Victor Gonzalez

Gonzalez threw 22 pitches in Game 4, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing him tonight, maybe not tomorrow either if needed.

Adam Kolarek

Nobody has had a rougher October than Adam Kolarek. He’s allowed five runs and nine hits in his 2⅔ innings of work. He’s also had to work, as he’s thrown 61 total pitches in those three outings. His last outing was in Game 3 where he threw 17 pitches.

Jake McGee

McGee threw 18 pitches in Game 4, so don’t expect to see him tonight. Prior to last night, he had also pitched in Game 1 and Game 2.

Julio Urías

There’s no way we don’t see Urias in either Game 6 or 7 in some form. My best guess is it’ll come in Game 7 since he threw 101 pitches on Wednesday. But hey, anything is possible with all hands being on deck.

Alex Wood

Wood has been used a lot recently, throwing 40 pitches in Game 2 and 29 pitches in Game 3. He’ll likely need to rest is arm, but I’m sure everyone will be available at some point.

Dodgers NLCS pitching staff usage

Pitcher Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Totals
Pitcher Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Totals
Pedro Báez ⅓ IP, 21 pitches 1 IP, 13 pitches 1⅓ IP, 34 pitches
Dylan Floro ⅔ IP, 16 pitches 1⅔ IP, 35 pitches 2⅓ IP, 51 pitches
Tony Gonsolin 4⅓ IP, 88 pitches 4⅓ IP, 88 pitches
Victor Gonzalez ⅓ IP, 4 pitches ⅔ IP, 22 pitches 1 IP, 26 pitches
Brusdar Graterol 1 IP, 6 pitches ⅓ IP, 15 pitches 1⅓ IP, 21 pitches
Kenley Jansen 1 IP, 10 pitches 1 IP, 10 pitches
Joe Kelly ⅓ IP, 4 pitches ⅓ IP, 4 pitches
Adam Kolarek 1 IP, 28 pitches 1 IP, 17 pitches 2 IP, 45 pitches
Dustin May 1⅔ IP, 21 pitches 1⅔ IP, 21 pitches
Jake McGee ⅔ IP, 11 pitches ⅔ IP, 8 pitches ⅓ IP, 18 pitches 1⅔ IP, 37 pitches
Blake Treinen ⅓ IP, 20 pitches ⅓ IP, 20 pitches
Julio Urías 5 IP, 101 pitches 5 IP, 101 pitches
Alex Wood 1⅔ IP, 40 pitches 1 IP, 29 pitches 2⅔ IP, 69 pitches
Every pitcher except Buehler & Kershaw (the ones least likely to pitch in relief)