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What were you doing the last time the Dodgers won it all?

Throwback time in the comments

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Rick Dempsey Hugging Orel Hershiser

Good morning everyone. How’re we feeling? The Dodgers can end their 32-year title drought with a win over the Tampa Bay Rays tonight. For the first time since 1988, the Dodgers could be World Series champions.

A lot can still happen, and there’s still a chance this series can be extended to tomorrow, but I thought I’d make a fun little throwback post this morning. For those of you older people, do you remember what you did the day the Dodgers won it all back in ‘88? Unfortunately, I was still eight years away from being born, so I have yet to witness a title.

Do you remember what you did in the morning, during the afternoon and during the game? This was all the way back on October 20, 1988, so you might have to think extra hard. Share with us your memories in the comment section. Also share with us how you’ll be spending tonight watching the game. Go Dodgers!

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