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Get your ‘Barrels are Overrated’ T-shirts for the Dodgers’ postseason run

If anyone asks what is that gesture the Dodgers do after base hits, now you know.

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You might notice that just about every time Chris Taylor gets a hit, he and the Dodgers players in the dugout exchange a sign where they wiggle both hands. It happens often on other players’ hits as well.

It’s a running joke going on a fourth season, saying simply, “Barrels are overrated” after getting a soft hit. The gesture has since become so prevalent that it’s used even after scorchers.

Now you can wear a T-shirt commemorating this gesture throughout the rest of the Dodgers’ postseason run, thanks to our friends at BreakingT.

Cody Bellinger, after hitting a 71.4-mph infield single to drive in a run in Game 1 of the NLDS, explained the origin.

“I think [Taylor] had a few hits where we say our thumb fell off and it kind of hurts when you get jammed, and you just shake it off,” Bellinger said. “It’s kind of been our thing the last few years.”

Now it can be your thing, too.