The Dodgers needed this game

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I’m not talking about the monstrous home run that Cody Bellinger hit, I’m not talking about the incredible catch Cody Bellinger made, I’m not talking about the clutch hitting that gave the Dodgers six runs. I’m not talking about the great five innings that Kershaw gave them.

I’m talking about Kenley Jansen failing to close the 9th inning with a three run lead. We all knew it was going to happen, we all knew that Dave Roberts would trust Kenley Jansen in a clutch situation in the postseason even though it was very apparent that this version of Kenley Jansen should not be tasked with being the closer on a World Championship quest.
I think even Dave Roberts knew it, but if we know one thing about Dave Roberts handling of pitchers in the postseason, he lets loyalty cloud judgement.

That performance by Kenley should have removed those clouds and Dodger fans should consider themselves lucky that it happened right now and not in a more important situation where the consequences could have made the difference between World Championship and going home once again.

This version of the Dodgers has one Achilles heal and that was Kenley Jansen. Things are going to get tougher from this point on and asking Kenley to get Tatis/Machado/Acuna/Freeman/Ozuna/Stanton/Judge/Voit/LeMahieu/Arozarena out in a close game in the 9th might work once or twice if the lead is big enough but probably not a recipe for continued success. Kenley Jansen has been one of the great Dodger closers, but all things come to an end, and I’m afraid his time has come. This isn’t a reaction to last night, this is a reaction to how he has pitched for a month. It isn’t just about the lack of velocity, it is about the deadly combination of location and velocity. Without velocity he has to have pinpoint command, and he simply doesn’t.

What does that leave the Dodgers? I really don’t know. Joe Kelly got the final out but I’m not sure he’s the answer. I’m not sure Graterol is the answer, or Treinen. As far fetched as it may seem, maybe it is Victor Gonzales. We will find out soon enough who Dave Roberts thinks it is the next time a save situation develops, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be Dodger legend Kenley Jansen.

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