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I voted at Dodger Stadium — and it was easy!

If you haven’t done so yet — go vote!

Happy election day, everyone! Hopefully you’ve already gone out and cast your vote. However, if you haven’t, it’s not too late! If you’re in the Los Angeles area, why not go and cast your vote at Dodger Stadium?

I went to vote at Dodger Stadium with my girlfriend yesterday, and the experience couldn’t have been any better. They opened at 10 a.m., but we got there about 20 minutes early so we could take a visit to the team store. And yes, I did drop $100 on World Series merchandise. I know, I barely spent anything!

Oh, by the way, the Dodgers are 2020 World Series champions.

After loading up on merchandise, we went up to the top deck to vote. There were a few people, but we walked right up to the front. Oh, and if you want extra incentive to vote, George Lopez was there voting. Who knows what celebrities you might see!

I checked in and gave them my info. Afterwards, they sent me to one of the many electronic voting polls they had. I inserted my paper into the computer, and I was underway. It was essentially a jumbo iPad, and all you had to do was tap everything you were voting for.

After a few minutes, I hit finish, and I was good to go. After getting my sticker, I got to walk around the top deck and take a look at the newly renovated stadium. Boy, did I miss her. The stadium looked as beautiful as ever, and the new renovations looked great.

After walking around and checking it out for about five minutes, we were on our way. If you include parking, the team store, voting and walking around the top deck, the whole process was about 45 minutes. I’m not sure exactly how busy it’ll be today, but I’ve heard that for the most part it hasn’t been too bad. If you have some time to kill, I definitely recommend it. Not only do you get to vote, but you can buy some World Series gear and pay a visit to Dodger Stadium. Plus, it’s all free! Well, sadly not the merch.