Can you name the 2020 Los Angeles Dodgers?

Hey guys! I'm many days late and many dollars short with this year's MLB roster quiz series, so someone may very well have already done another one of these, but it's time to try to name everyone who played for the 2020 Dodgers! Be sure to share your score and challenge your friends!

You can also go back and try last year's edition, if you're so inclined.

The playlist with all 30 roster quizzes is available here.

Hope to run into some of you back at the ballpark in 2021!

Oh, and congrats on the whole World Series thing. Always love to see a team that's been good for a long time finally get theirs, and it's especially sweet to see Giants fans get a dose of reality. As a gift, your quiz has special gold accents like the jerseys your boys will likely break out next year.

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