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Clayton Kershaw looks great in spring debut

He touched 93 mph

MLB: Spring Training-Los Angeles Dodgers at Milwaukee Brewers Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Hi everyone,

If you’ve read an article here before, it’s likely you’ve read some of my work. I joined True Blue LA back in August of 2018, and have absolutely loved my time at the site. When I joined, I had a brief introduction, but couldn’t really personally introduce myself to you.

My name is Blake Harris, and I am 23 years old and a die-hard Dodgers fan. I was born and raised here in Los Angeles, being born in Pasadena and having lived in Monrovia for about 15 years. I recently graduated from Arizona State University, where I got my degree in sports journalism.

As I mentioned, I am a die-hard Dodgers fan. The Dodgers were and will always be my first love. I’ve been attending Dodgers games in person for over 20 years. As a kid, arriving at Dodger Stadium was like arriving at Disneyland. For me, it was the happiest place on earth. I remember seeing guys like Shawn Green, Paul Lo Duca, Adrian Beltre and Eric Gagne. I collected their cards, got their bobbleheads, and began my love for baseball and the Dodgers.

Over the years, I would go to around 5-10 games a season. Usually my parents would take me to the bobblehead giveaway games. As of today, I have over 100 Dodgers bobbleheads, whether they be stadium giveaways or minor-league giveaways. My goal is to eventually have every single one (now that they give 15-20 away a season that’ll likely never happen).

I’ve seen many players and many teams, but my passion for the team has never gone away.

When I was given the opportunity to write about the Dodgers, I took full advantage of it. I would watch every pitch of every game, listen to every interview and research almost every prospect that was in the minor-leagues. I dedicated my time to learning everything I possibly could about the Dodgers.

I’ll be transitioning into a full-time role with SB Nation, where I will be a California Communities Editor. I will still be contributing here at TBLA.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting as much Dodgers content as I possibly can. While being a student I was able to write numerous articles a day. Now, being a full-time employee, I’ll still be able to bring you all great Dodgers content.

I fully intend to keep the site as it was, bringing you daily minor-league reports, morning links, news pieces, game threads and recaps. Some days there might not be all five, but I’ll work hard enough to make sure this website stays as dedicated to the Dodgers as it has been for the last decade.

This is one of the best communities I’ve ever been a part of. I hope that you all can be patient with me, as we begin this new and exciting chapter with TBLA. Below I am going to attach my Twitter, and I’ll be in the comments sections if you have any concerns, or if you’d like to just introduce yourself and talk about the Dodgers.

Thank you to everyone who reads the articles and interacts in the comments. You have made this experience that much better. I’ll talk to you very soon.


Twitter: @BlakeHarrisTBLA


In his first outing of the spring, Clayton Kershaw did not disappoint. The veteran is entering his 12th major-league season, but still looked as dominant as ever out there.

The 31-year-old threw only 1 23 innings, but that’s simply because he was on a pitch count. He struck out four and walked two. However, if you watched the pitches, it should have been five strikeouts and one walk, but hey, umpires are in Spring Training mode too.

According to a few different reporters, Kershaw’s velocity was hovering around the 91-92mph range, with supposedly one pitch touching 93 mph.

This is great to hear from Kershaw, who missed all of Spring Training last year with an injury. The fact he feels healthy and strong is a positive sign, and it’s likely we’ll see him healthy for Opening Day this season. Will he be the starter? We’ll have to wait and see.

According to Kershaw, he expects to go three innings in his next outing, whenever that may be. Here’s a two-minute interview of what else he had to say following his outing.