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No. 10 — Matt Kemp robs a home run

A one-of-a-kind

Bobbles Galore

If you missed my article yesterday, I’m going to be ranking the 10 best bobbleheads ever given away by the Dodgers. Since 2001, the team has given away more than 140, so this wasn’t an easy task. Check out the article for some honorable mentions I included.

Kicking off our countdown is a one-of-a-kind Dodgers bobblehead giveaway. During his time with the Dodgers, Matt Kemp received four bobbleheads, but none were cooler than this one.

This was given out on August 17, 2010. What separates this bobblehead from any other one given out by the Dodgers is that this is the only one that features the outfield wall in it. Here, Kemp climbs the wall, robbing a home run.

During his Dodgers tenure, Kemp won two Gold Glove Awards. I can’t remember every inning from over a decade ago, so I’m not entirely sure if Kemp ever robbed a home run like this. Nevertheless, it’s a really cool design, and it separates itself from any other Dodgers bobblehead.

For the most part, the Dodgers usually do bobbleheads of players hitting, pitching or pretty much just standing and doing a pose. There have been a few that replicate them playing defense, but not a whole lot.

Honorable mentions

No. 9 — Justin Turner walk-off home run

No. 8 — 30 HR Club

No. 7 — Fernandomania

No. 6 — Sandy Koufax - Perfect Game

What Dodgers bobblehead is your favorite? Leave a comment below.