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Game thread: 1988 World Series, Game 1

Join us for game 1!

Athletics v Dodgers Photo by Focus On Sport/Getty Images

The Dodgers and Athletics meet up tonight for Game 1 of the 1988 World Series.

For the Dodgers, they’re coming off a thrilling seven-game NLCS against the Mets. Orel Hershiser was named MVP of the series, after appearing in four games while starting three. He threw 24 23 innings, striking out 15 while posting a 1.09 ERA. His dominant performance in game 7 helped guide the Dodgers to the World Series, as he threw nine scoreless innings.

On to Oakland, they’re coming off a four-game sweep of the Boston Red Sox. MVP honors went to Dennis Eckersley, who got the save in all four games. He threw six scoreless innings, striking out five and allowed only one hit.

This will be the second time these teams have met up in the World Series. The two teams faced each other in 1974, with the A’s coming out victorious in five games.

Starting lineups:


  1. Carney Lansford - 3B
  2. Dave Henderson - CF
  3. Jose Canseco - RF
  4. Dave Parker - LF
  5. Mark McGwire - 1B
  6. Terry Steinbach - C
  7. Glenn Hubbard - 2B
  8. Walt Weiss - SS
  9. Dave Stewart - P

Los Angeles:

  1. Steve Sax - 2B
  2. Franklin Stubbs - 1B
  3. Mickey Hatcher - LF
  4. Mike Marshall - RF
  5. John Shelby - CF
  6. Mike Scioscia - C
  7. Jeff Hamilton - 3B
  8. Alfredo Griffin - SS
  9. Tim Belcher - P

How this will work

At 6 p.m. PT, click play on the Youtube link. Watch the game live on Youtube, and interact with fans here at the open game thread. Hope everyone enjoys the game!

If you want to catch up and watch the game, you can advance the video by however many minutes late you are. So if you click play at 8:00pm, you can skip to 2:00:00 of the video and be right where everyone else is!