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Clayton Kershaw doesn’t understand Zoom

You gotta love him

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Los Angeles Dodgers Vs New York Mets Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

We all know Clayton Kershaw is one of the greatest pitchers of our generation. When it comes to pitching, he makes it look easy.

Now, when using the application Zoom, it’s an entirely different story.

Yesterday, ESPN’s Katie Nolan posted a 10 minute video to Twitter where a bunch of celebrities and sports figures joined in on a zoom call. At the seven minute mark, Kershaw joined in.... and apparently had zero idea as to what he was doing.

It’s obvious Kershaw isn’t too familiar with the app, or what necessarily was happening during the call. In the video, Kershaw says his former teammate Brandon McCarthy invited him to the chat.

Regardless of how up to date Kershaw is with technology, it was still hilarious. Also, he was shirtless? That made it more, interesting.