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No. 99: Greatest Dodgers of All-Time: Ed Stein

Talk about a throwback

Ed Stein

Time with Dodgers: 1892-1898

Stats: 90-66, 4.01 ERA, 155 starts, 135 CG’s, 432 SO’s, 104 ERA+, 4.29 FIP, 1.46 WHIP

Baseball Reference WAR: 17

FanGraphs WAR: 11.3

Combined WAR: 14.15

For our countdown, we’re going back a bit. All the way back to the 1890’s! Coming in at No. 99 is pitcher Ed Stein, who was with the Dodgers from 1892 through 1898.

Quick trivia before we continue, they weren’t known as the Dodgers back when he played for them, what was the name of the team? I’ll give you a few seconds to guess. Got an answer yet? Perfect.

If you guessed Grooms or Bridegrooms, you’re correct! They were the Brooklyn Grooms from 1891-1895, and then the Brooklyn Bridegrooms from 1896-1898. Enough of the history lesson, time to talk about Stein!

After beginning his career with the Chicago Colts, Stein joined Brooklyn in 1892. He won 27 games during his first season, tied for the fifth most wins in a single season in franchise history. He threw 38 complete games, which is the seventh most in a season in team history.

Through his first four years, Stein was an absolute workhorse on the mound. He made 143 starts, winning 87 of them. Stein logged 1,281 innings, while throwing 127 complete games and keeping his ERA under four.

Things began to slow down for Stein in 1896. He made only 10 starts, and his ERA was nearly five. After missing the entire 1897 season, Stein made only two starts in 1898 before retiring at the age of 28.

It only took four years for Stein to make the Top 100 list. Had he not ended his career so early, who knows how much higher he could have been!

Here’s where he ranks in Dodgers history:

  • 135 complete games (12th)
  • 90 wins (24th)
  • 1,394 13 innings (24th)

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