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No. 98: Greatest seasons in Dodgers history: Henry Porter, 1885

A major throwback

Henry Porter, 1885

Stats: 33-21, 2.78 ERA, 53 complete games, 197 SO, 120 ERA+, 3.13 FIP, 1.11 WHIP

Baseball Reference WAR: 6.5

FanGraphs WAR: 4.6

Combined WAR: 5.55

Another major throwback today, as we’ll be looking back at Henry Porter’s 1885 season. Yesterday I had a trivia question as to what was the name of the team back then. Well, the answer is different than yesterday. I’ll give you a few seconds to guess what the name of the team was in 1885.

If you guessed the Grays, you’re correct!

Back in 1885, the right-handed Porter made 54 starts... and 53 of them were complete games. Man, what a time to be alive! Can you imagine a player making 3 starts, let alone finishing a season with 53 complete games?!

He was a workhorse that season, as he threw 481 23 innings.

Here is where Porter ranked across the American Association back in 1885:

  • 33 wins (3rd)
  • 2.78 (7th)
  • 1.109 WHIP (7th)
  • 481 23 (4th)
  • 197 strikeouts (5th)
  • 53 complete games (3rd)
  • 120 ERA+ (6th)

Here is where Porter ranks in single-season Dodgers history:

  • 33 wins (1st)
  • 53 complete games (2nd)
  • 481 23 innings (1st)

Tune in tomorrow to see who comes in at No. 97!

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