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Watch party: 1981 World Series Game 6

Tune in Tuesday at 5 p.m. PT to watch Dodgers vs. Yankees

Sports Contributor Archive 2020 Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

We’re going to host another watch party, and will start a running schedule of sorts with games to watch as a group a few times per week for the foreseeable future.

Up first is Game 6 of the 1981 World Series, with the Dodgers leading the Yankees three games to two. This game was delayed a day by rain, moving from Tuesday to Wednesday at Yankee Stadium. From a remembrance of this game here five years ago:

The delay helped Ron Cey, who was hit in the head by a fastball from Goose Gossage in the eighth inning of Game 5. Cey would not have started Game 6 had weather allowed the game to be played on Tuesday.

”I felt good this morning and I was optimistic about playing, but this afternoon changed my mind,” Cey told the Associated Press on Oct. 27. “There was some dizziness and lightheadedness. I was not in good shape.”

We’re going to run this like a live game on the site, with a game thread we can comment in while following along online. You might remember doing this for Game 1 of the 1988 World Series a few weeks back. That was fun.

The plan is to run watch parties every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and whenever possible will use YouTube games so more people can follow along than just folks who have SportsNet LA.

We’ll watch Game 6 from 1981 at 5 p.m. PT on Tuesday (April 14). You can watch the game on YouTube here.

We have a few other games and series in the hopper, but would love to hear from you for other games (that are online) you’d like to see in one of these watch parties.