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No. 95: Greatest Dodgers of All-Time: Luke Hamlin

A five-year starter with Brooklyn

Greater Lansing Area Sports Hall of Fame

Luke Hamlin

Time with Dodgers: 1937-1941

Stats: 60-57, 3.61 ERA, 54 CG, 1,011 IP, 427 SO, 110 ERA+, 3.78 FIP, 1.23 WHIP

Baseball Reference WAR: 15.1

FanGraphs WAR: 14.3

Combined WAR: 14.7

After spending two seasons with the Tigers, Luke Hamlin came to the Dodgers in 1937 during his age-32 season. Hamlin impressed during his time in Brooklyn, especially during a two-year stretch from 1939 through 1940.

During those two seasons, Hamlin went 29-21 with a 3.40 ERA. His ERA+ was 119 and he owned a 1.16 WHIP. His best season came in 1939, where he finished 10th in MVP voting.

That season, Hamlin went 20-13, starting a league-high 36 games with 19 complete games. He followed up his MVP caliber season by posting the lowest ERA of his career (3.04) in 1940. He also had a career high ERA+ (132) as well as a league-leading strikeout-to-walk ratio of 2.68.

Hamlin is one of 40 pitchers to make at least 136 starts in Dodgers history. Here’s where he ranks:

  • 54 complete games (28th)
  • .513 winning % (32nd)
  • 3.61 ERA (32nd)
  • 3.78 FIP (30th)
  • 5.7 walk % (3rd)
  • 110 ERA+ (19th)

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