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Dodgers news: Vin Scully provides a construction update

The Dodgers provided an update on the construction at Dodger Stadium on Friday, narrated by none other than Vin Scully.

The “home run seats” right at the fence in the right and left field pavilions are complete, and progress has been made in several areas of the plaza behind the outfield seats, which are evident in this video.

The $100 million renovation includes several new restaurants, fan areas, entertainment centers, and new elevators and escalators, allowing fans to walk around Dodger Stadium from any level. As Scully noted in the video above, it’s “the most significant upgrade to the fan experience in our storied venue.”

Originally the plan was for construction on all field-related things to be completed in time for the first exhibition game at Dodger Stadium on March 23, with the pavilions closed while work was completed in the outfield plaza during the Freeway Series, with everything ready by opening day on March 26.

That was of course put on hold during the coronavirus pandemic. Construction remained ongoing, but the pace was slowed down considerably from the round-the-clock work that was being done in early March.

“It has slowed down, and some crews are smaller,” Dodgers CEO Stan Kasten said in late March. “We are, and everyone, is fully compliant with all the regulations of the county, the city, and state, as well as the [Centers for Disease Control] and [World Health Organization].”

“So when exactly will that return to Dodger Stadium take place,” Scully said in his narration, “Well, as the noted baseball philosopher Yogi Berra once said, ‘I wish I had an answer to that, because I’m tired of answering that question.’”