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Podcast episode 2007: What will come of the 2020 season?

The length of Mookie Betts’ first season in Los Angeles is TBD

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

This week on the podcast we discuss the agreement between Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association, and the ramifications. The two main takeaways are guarantees the players got regarding service time and what the owners got in terms of cost certainty in the event the 2020 season is canceled.

There is also the matter of how to construct a season that starts well into the summer, and what needs to happen before things can even get started again. We talk about some of the potential schedule quirks, like a November World Series, a bunch of doubleheaders, and the viability of Dodger Stadium still hosting the All-Star Game.

One of the questions from Craig was inspired by Magic the Gathering, specifically this video from Antiques Roadshow. Feel free to dual screen this to enhance your podcast-listening experience.

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Dodgers rewind

This week’s look back brings us to the end of the century. The 19th century, with Tom Daly, the catcher turned utility man turned second baseman who signed with Brooklyn for their first season in the National League (1890) and had a 119 OPS+ in 11 seasons with the Dodgers.

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