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Podcast episode 2010: The grab bag episode

Picking one shiny object at a time to talk about

MLB Considers Arizona Minor League Stadiums For Possible 2020 Season Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This week on the podcast we were kind of all over the place, with no real central theme. We talked about Joe Davis’ cutting board with baseball bat handles, and answered some questions from both Craig and the listeners.

We also talked about a few site-related things, like the review of the 1920 Dodgers, Blake’s two WAR rankings, and our watch party schedule.

Please send any and all podcast questions to, or tweet us at @ericstephen or @jacobburch.

Dodgers rewind

This week’s look back is catcher Joe Dunn, who played only 30 games for Brooklyn in 1908-09. He was a light hitter, but had a memorable debut against Hall of Famer Christy Mathewson. Dunn also managed in the independent minor leagues for the better part of two decades after his playing career was over.

Dunn could also rock a Dodgers sweater.

Link: Dunn’s SABR bio

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