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No. 89: Greatest Dodgers of All-Time: Joe Ferguson

A Dodger for 11 years

Joe Ferguson - Los Angeles Dodgers

Joe Ferguson

Time with Dodgers: 1970-1976, 1978-1981

Stats: .245/.359/.419/.777, 91 HR, 326 RBI, 514 H, 288 R, 119 OPS+

Baseball Reference WAR: 16.4

FanGraphs WAR: 14.2

Combined WAR: 15.3

Joe Ferguson had two stints with the Dodgers during his 14-year career. His first was from 1970 through the middle of the 1976 season. His next stint came midway through the 1978 season until 1981.

It took a while for his career to get going with the Dodgers. Over his first three seasons, he appeared in a total of only 49 games. They weren’t too memorable either, as he only hit .231 with three home runs during that time.

His first real opportunity came in 1973, and he took full advantage of it. He appeared in 136 games, which ended up being the most he’d play in a season throughout his career. Ferguson hit 25 home runs, drove in 88 and walked more times than he struck out. His OPS was .839 and his OPS+ was 136. Ferguson would finish the season 21st in National League MVP voting, the only time during his career he’d receive votes.

He’d appear in a total of only 177 games over the next two seasons, including only 66 games in 1975. His numbers across the board were down though, as he hit only .236 with 21 home runs.

Ferguson struggled in 1976, and was sent to St. Louis midway through the season. He’d return to Los Angeles a few years later, coming over from Houston during the 1978 season. Over the next two seasons, he appeared in only 199 games. He still was productive at the plate, hitting 29 home runs while posting a .833 OPS and 130 OPS+.

He struggled in 1981, hitting only .143 in 17 games. This would be the end of his career with the Dodgers, as he was released by the team.

Arguably the highlight of his career with the Dodgers

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