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Watch party: Steve Finley grand slam to clinch division

Join us Saturday at 12:30 p.m. PT to witness

San Francisco Giants vs Los Angeles Dodgers - October 2, 2004 Photo by Kirby Lee/Getty Images

Happy Friday, everyone!

With the last watch party being such a success (over 650 comments!) I thought it would be really fun to do one again. The game this time? Steve Finley’s walk-off grand slam against the Giants to clinch the NL West title back in 2004.

The game is at 12:30 p.m. PT on Saturday on SportsNet LA. Since a lot more people have SNLA now, I thought it would be fun for everyone who has the channel for the first time to celebrate by watching their first game.

If you are out of state and don’t have the channel, unfortunately the game isn’t on YouTube. However, you can still participate in the game thread! In the coming weeks, we’ll be watching more games on YouTube, that way more people can join.

Watching this game on television will be a little easier than watching on YouTube, as you’ll easily be able to join in at any time and be at the same spot as the rest of us.

Hope to see everyone there at some point tomorrow! Grab some lunch, get the family together and enjoy some Dodger baseball. I’ll open up the game thread tomorrow at noon.