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Dodgers require extra step to receive ticket refund for March & April games missed

The default option offered by the team is an account credit, plus a 10% bonus

Major League Baseball Suspends Spring Training Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Dodgers announced a plan Thursday that will give fans an account credit for tickets to any games missed in March and April, while getting a refund requires an extra step.

Fans can request a refund by contacting their ticket representative, or by calling 866-DODGERS, and choosing option 6. If they opt for the account credit, a 10-percent bonus will be added, which can be used in 2020 and 2021 at these events, per an email sent to season ticket holders:

Tickets for any home games at Dodger Stadium, including Postseason games.

Prepaid parking for any home games at Dodger Stadium, including Postseason games.

Food and beverages at most concession stands and restaurants throughout Dodger Stadium.

Merchandise at most team stores and merchandise kiosks throughout Dodger Stadium.

Donation to the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation’s local COVID-19 relief efforts.

The word “refund” is not mentioned at all on the Dodgers’ public FAQ page on games missed, which does mention the account credit.

MLB teams began announcing refund policies on Wednesday, one day after a memo from the league giving the green light to do so. The hangup was that for several teams, refunds were only available for games that were canceled, but not postponed.

That brought a lawsuit filed in California on April 20, seeking class action, naming Major League Baseball, commissioner Rob Manfred, all 30 teams, and various ticket brokers including StubHub, Ticketmaster and Live Nation. From the Associated Press:

“Baseball fans are stuck with expensive and unusable tickets for unplayable games in the midst of this economic crisis,” the lawsuit said. “Under the pretext of `postponing’ games, at the directive of MLB, teams and ticket merchants are refusing to issue refunds for games which are not going to be played as scheduled — if ever.”

Counting the two Freeway Series exhibition home games against the Angels, Dodger Stadium was scheduled to host 19 games through April 30.

As of now, MLB has not set a date for a possible opening day. Recent reports seem to peg early July as a potential start date, with several caveats and hurdles to clear. Should games, in the early part of a renewed season or perhaps longer, necessitate no fans or fewer fans, more refunds would need to be in order.