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No. 7 — Fernandomania

Ranking the best Dodgers bobbleheads

Bobbles Galore

There have been so many fan-favorites in Dodgers history. Going all the way back to Brooklyn, a countless number of players have been beloved by fans for numerous reasons. However, it’s safe to say there hasn’t been a player more loved by fans since the team moved to Los Angeles than Fernando Valenzuela.

The Dodgers have honored Valenzuela with six bobbleheads, by far the most for a non-active player on the team. There have been some really good and creative ones, but none better than this one that was given out on July 26, 2011.

This bobblehead pays tribute to Fernandomania, one of the craziest and best times in Dodgers history. Valenzuela took not only Los Angeles by storm, but major-league baseball as well.

The detail on this bobblehead is some of the best the Dodgers have ever done. I love how they have him wearing the blue Dodgers jacket. If my memory serves me correctly, this is one of three bobbleheads given out by the team where they are wearing the blue jacket.

This is definitely a one-and-only, as this is the only bobblehead depicting a player signing autographs, which is genius. Here he is signing a mitt for a fan. In the background, you see the outfield wall behind him. On the right is a sign that hangs over the outfield wall, reading “Viva Fernando”.

I tried to see if there was an exact photo this bobblehead replicates. I found two that are pretty similar, but nonetheless these are some really cool photos still.

Sports Illustrated via Getty Ima
Corbis via Getty Images

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