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Joe Davis & Orel Hershiser to begin podcast

The content we didn’t know we needed

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Los Angeles Times

Although there won’t be any Dodgers games for a while, you’ll be able to hear both Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser’s voices really soon. On Tuesday, Davis announced on his Twitter that him and his color-commentator Hershiser will be dropping a podcast... this week. The name couldn’t be more fitting.

We don’t really have much information on what the podcast will consist of, but I’m sure whatever it is, it’ll be music to our ears. It’s great to see the two of them coming together to allow the fans to hear their voices during this difficult time.

By the looks of it, “The Bulldog” is ready to go.


  • The Dodgers made a huge announcement yesterday

MLB has been actively considering numerous contingency plans that would allow play to commence once the public health situation has improved to the point that it is safe to do so. While we have discussed the idea of staging games at one location as one potential option, we have not settled on that option or developed a detailed plan. While we continue to interact regularly with governmental and public health officials, we have not sought or received approval of any plan from federal, state and local officials, or the Players Association. The health and safety of our employees, players, fans and the public at large are paramount, and we are not ready at this time to endorse any particular format for staging games in light of the rapidly changing public health situation caused by the coronavirus.

  • Players want baseball back, but some question Arizona idea. Check out this piece from Andy McCullough of The Athletic on how baseball can potentially return, but the obstacles that the MLB will need to overcome
  • If you want a fun read, check out this article from Pedro Moura where he looks back on the night a sack of flour fell from the sky at Dodger Stadium. Seriously.
  • Joe Posnanski wrote some great words about Fernando Valenzuela
  • Justin Turner is coming through in the clutch during the COVID-19 pandemic, working with the Dream Center to provide meals while assisting local restaurants in the process.