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Podcast episode 2008: Killing time without baseball

Finding ways to occupy our time with sports on hold

Minneapolis, MN., Thursday, 3/20/2003. The 5 gallon water bottle line for home delivery hummed along at Glenwood Inglewood in Minneapolis. This is a story looking at rising consumer demand for “emergency” products such as bottled water, canned goods, ba

We are trying to figure out ways to occupy the time we used to reserve for sports, and one of our personal solutions is recording more podcasts. We’re going to try to stick to weekly episodes for a while.

Other ways to occupy your time might include lifting water bottles, catching up with family and friends over Zoom, or maybe one of your favorite Dodgers websites (maybe even opening each link in multiple browsers several times per day, as a completely hypothetical suggestion).

Despite this episode number, we did not add Manny Ramirez to the discussion just after the halfway point. Spoiler alert.

Please send any and all podcast questions to, or tweet us at @ericstephen or @jacobburch.

Dodgers rewind

This week we look back at left-handed pitcher Willard Hunter, who suffered the loss in relief in the first Freeway Series game between the Dodgers and Angels, in Palm Springs in 1962, then two weeks later had an inauspicious major league debut at Candlestick Park.

It was Hunter’s only game pitched for the Dodgers.

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