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World Series odds in a shortened season

One sportsbook tabs the Dodgers as favorites in a truncated 2020

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2017 Major League Baseball World Series Workout Day: Los Angeles Dodgers v. Houston Astros

We still don’t yet know exactly if or when or how Major League Baseball might begin its 2020 season, if there is one at all. The owners and players are reportedly discussing conditions for such a thing this week, should it become safe to do so.

But we do have a rough idea of what MLB is at least considering, and that’s more than enough to gamble on at this point. Literally.

The folks at Sports Betting Dime released this week various odds for winning the World Series, winning divisions, and making the playoffs for every MLB team. Unsurprisingly, the Dodgers are expected to do quite well.

Per Sports Betting Dime, the Dodgers are the favorites to win the World Series, at +575, meaning a $100 bet would win $575 should the Dodgers win their first Fall Classic in 32 years. The Yankees are next in line at +600, followed by the Astros (+900), Twins (+1500) and Braves (+1600). This is based on an 80-game season, though reports of the owners’ proposal to players ranged from between a 78- and 82-game schedule.

Betting that there will be no World Series in 2020 is a +150 proposition, meaning a $100 bet wins $150 if things break bad.

Expanding the playoffs from 10 to 14 teams also make it much more likely the Dodgers and Yankees will at the very least make the postseason. Sports Betting Dime set the odds on LA making the playoffs in an expanded field at -4000, meaning you’d need to bet $40 just to win a buck. Similarly, the Yankees are at -3500 to make the postseason.

The Dodgers’ over/under for an 80-game season is 50.5 wins, the highest total offered, just ahead of the Yankees (50 wins).